How You Can Optimise Your Website for mobile SEO Success

Mobile SEO Friendly Websites

How You Can Optimise Your Website for mobile SEO Success


  • According to Wikipedia, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. This is a very important activity for all the businesses to grow.

SEO has become a much needed activity for businesses to top internet search results. SEO services not only help a company to grow in the market but also in making a unique identity and brand value.

Four out of every ten Kenyan adults use the Internet at least daily and according to findings by Pew Research Centre Kenya enjoys wider coverage with over 31 million Kenyans having access to internet. Out of this, at least 20 million access the internet through their mobile phones.

Lets focus on how you can optimise your website SEO for

1: Fix the problems

Usually problems related to mobile friendliness can be fixed by changing your theme’s HTML and CSS. This is not something that can be done by everyone so you may need to consider hiring a developer to make the necessary changes until your website passes the mobile friendly test.

2: Change your theme

Sometimes trying to make a non-mobile friendly theme compatible with mobile devices is more difficult than switching to a theme that is already mobile friendly. There are plenty of mobile ready themes in the WordPress directory for free and there are also some nice paid ones.

There is a lot of work involved in changing your theme but in this case the benefits gained from mobile traffic are much more and certainly worth the money and time spend.

3. Adopt a responsive design

This is not actually a third option but is more like a strategic decision related to the approach you will take on mobile. A responsive website uses the same pages for both desktop and mobile and depending on the device of the user, the design adopts to fit perfectly on the screen without having scroll bars and without having to zoom in or out to view the content.

It has a lot of advantages, one of them being that you won’t have to maintain a different set of pages for desktop and mobile. This also implies that any SEO work you do for your desktop version it is also applicable for mobile SEO.

So basically if your website is not mobile-friendly then you either fix it if the changes are not a lot or change to a mobile responsive theme.

How to test if your site is mobile friendly:

Open a new chrome window and navigate to the website to test. Right click anywhere on the page and select INSPECT from the dropdown menu. Click the mobile icon and select the device from the dropdown list located on the top of the page.

Final remarks

With the number of users navigating the Web from mobile is on the rise it is vital to consider mobile SEO.

Your first concern is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly by taking the Google mobile test. Next, is to check that your mobile pages support your conversion goals and if not to make changes to the design so that mobile does not only bring you traffic but also conversions.

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