Nyashinski Hayawani Song Review {Violence Greed Poverty}

Hayawani by Nyashinski another hit song


Nyashinski has arguably been the best Kenyan artist in the past two years. He has received numerous lucrative deals and is keeping the Kenyan flag flying high musically.

He just released a new song “HAYAWANI” meaning wild animals, produced by the keys maestro CEDO. Nyashinski compares the evils human being do to what you expect from wild animals. Cedo starts with nice guitar keys feeling like “tunapenda twisti” type of key, soon as the kick drops and Nyash starts singing it’s a wrap, a definite Hit song.

Nyashinski starts by asking why we cannot love each other, and goes on to guess maybe our curse is the love of money. Gives an example, if you lost everything the whole world will laugh at you even those who adored you will wish death for you.

He goes on to explain how easy it is to sin because most people live to see your flaws. Calls it a Man eat man society.

The idea behind his video shot by Tonament is the most recent police brutality but also pictures daring protesters fighting back. A clever scene at 0.22 pictures a guy who represents peace encouraging the protesters to fight police. Exactly what we’ve seen on social media. “Preach peace while encouraging violence”.

Cedo joins in the video at the end where a choir is involved in the vocals. This is the extent musicians should go to make a song complete. The scene gives hope with Nyash dressed in full white and the choir dancing happily meaning at the end we still can make things right and love each other.

Oh and Nyash tags the song as !NVMVhVH many asking what this is? It’s simply HAYAWANI written in reverse with a twist inverted ‘V’ represents ‘A’ and ‘h’ fro ‘y’. Thank me at the Comment box.

Watch the Video here and share your thoughts on the comments hapa chini.

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