Khaligraph Jones makes grand entrance in a coffin – Fans in Shock!!

Khaligraph Jones

When Kenyan Hip Hop heavyweight Khalligraph Jones rapped in his song Mazishi that ‘Nikishika mic, wanajua Ni mazishi Nikipanda stage wanajua Ni mazishi’ he probably had all angles covered.

This is after the rapper shocked his fans after he made a grand entrance at the Jameson Connect event at Uhuru Gardens in a white coffin!

Shocked fans watched mouth agape as the coffin -escorted by ‘pallbearers’ in dark outfits – made its way to the stage at the Jameson event featuring American rapper TY Dollar Sign.

Khaligraph Jones crew
Khaligraph Jones crew

Reminiscent of the classic entrance by the famed WWE fighter The Undertaker, Papa Jones emerged from the coffin unfazed and roaring to go, the OG style.

Not bounded by the taboos and eerie subject of death, Jones pelted out his tracks one by one to his adoring fans.

Could it be the same coffin he used when he shot the Gaza video?

Mid this year, the Mazishi rapper set tongues wagging after he released the popular Gaza song in which he also appeared in the video in a coffin.

Forgive me being Extrodinary, but am OG and OGs raise bars, The Jameson Party Intro, and we aint laughing, #respecttheogs

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Speaking to a local radio station at the time, he explained that the reason he was on a casket in the video was because he wanted to get the message home that crime was claiming the lives of the youth in the city.

“I felt like the message I was trying to put across would be better with a casket on set, coz I was trying to give two different sides of the story. One side is of me the dead guy and the other me the thug guy, so the casket had to be used,” explained Jones.

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