Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor: boxer beats UFC star in superfight

Floyd Mayweather moved to a landmark 50-0 record by stopping Conor McGregor in the 10th round of their money-spinning showdown in Las Vegas.

The mega-fight was delayed due to pay-per-view issues but when it did eventually get going, fans inside the Las Vegas venue were treated to an enthralling encounter.

So after lengthy instructions as to what is allowed in boxing, they did touch gloves. McGregor came charging and dancing as expected. Mayweather backed away to absorb the assault and when he did try a jab to the stomach it fell so short that The Notorious mocked him, going far as to put his hands behind his back. Two good left ensured a startlingly good start for McGregor.conor hugs mayweathermayweather conor


McGregor was booed for a rabbit punch but was boxing much better than most of us expected. He even switched effectively from southpaw to orthodox for an effective combination which gave him the second round.

Mayweather was feeling his way into this fight but still having trouble with McGregor’s height and reach. The right jab was bothering Mr Money and the UFC man’s changes of movement and styles kept him in the ascendancy.

Mayweather could not afford to dither much longer – and he knew it. The old maestro went to work to head and body, not only getting himself in the scorecard at last but backing up McGregor.

The McGregor jabs were more of nuisance now than a threat and Mayweather kept advancing through them. The pressure began to tell and McGregor stumbled back from a smatter of shots. It showed, too, when the Irishman said something to Mayweather at the end of the round and was pushed for his trouble.

Mayweather taking charge now. A succession of rights to the head sent McGregor staggering and gasping and there were roars of ‘Money, Money’ to drown out the Irish chants.

Mayweather keeps marching forward. There does not appear to be as much KO power in the McGregor left as in the light MMA gloves. Again Mayweather has him on the retreat. Again the right is signalling that the end may be coming.

It’s one way traffic now. McGregor is being outclassed and bewildered, as a novice should be. He also looks to be tiring as more precise Mayweather punches land.

McGregor gets desperate he is warned sternly by referee Byrd for hitting behind the head. He reels before more big right and lefts, grabs Mayweather to survive a torrid round.

It’s over. Mayweather unleashed a barrage which leaves McGregor helpless on the ropes and the referee with no option but to intervene.

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